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Head Teacher

Excellent Students begin with Excellent Teachers


[Application Deadline: December 18, 2020]


  • Safeguarding Children – putting their welfare, care and development first.

  • Ensuring a high standard of physical, emotional, social, moral and intellectual care and education for children placed in the care of Little Clovers Nursery.

  • To give support and supervision to the personnel within the Nursery, a motivated leader who will bring the best out of each team member whilst implementing high standards and quality practices.

  • Provide clear training and development plans leading to effective appraisals.

  • The day to day management of the nursery in terms of administration.

  •  Key areas are to provide high standards of care and education for children, a proven sales ability, evidence of outstanding parental partnerships, team building, staff management and to manage set budgets.

  • Competitive Salary package.

  • The Head Teacher will be responsible for using specialized learning techniques and exercises, as well as specialized learning materials, to teach children.

  • He/she is expected to teach the pupils through Montessori methods and also create independent learning environment.


  • Develop interdisciplinary instructional units in order to meet the individual needs of students

  • Maintain ongoing dialogue with other teachers and coordinators to handle curriculum integration and implementation

  • Work with individual students to gauge abilities and work towards catering to these abilities

  • Use various assessment tools to evaluate each student’s capabilities within the classroom

  • Prepare an environment conducive to learning and social and academic development

  • Maintain a classroom environment by ensuring that appropriate behavior rules are followed and the lesson plan is followed

  • Ensure the availability of materials and resources needed to further educational programs

  • Ensure the safety and emotional security of students and ensure that the physical environment of the classroom is under health and security directives of the school

  • Establish a positive relationship with parents by providing regular and positive communication

  • Timely create progress reports of each student

  • Develop and participate in school functions such as orientations, projects, and carnivals

  • Train teachers and teacher assistants in order to make sure that they are ready to perform in their roles

  • Maintain classroom supplies inventory and stock

  • Complete and maintain student records in the school’s database

  • Ensure the privacy of student information


  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Education

  • A PGDE /Masters in Education and a background in Montessori education will be an added advantage

  • Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) certificate will be an added advantage

  • Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)

  • Minimum of 4 years’ work experience in a good school.

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in management.

  • Excellent understanding of the principles of child development and preschool educational methods.

  • Familiarity with safety and sanitation guidelines for classrooms

  • Excellent communication and instructional skills

  • Ability to act as mediator between children

  • Cool-tempered, friendly and reliable

  • Balance between a creative mind and a practical acumen

  • Business and Leadership Qualities

  • Parent Partnership & Empathetic 

  • Motivational & Innovative

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